Tuesday, June 03, 2008


It's been interesting, the reaction to The Chapman Bros' remixes of Hitler's paintings...and while I don't subscribe to the mock-horror and vague indignation expressed by some UK newspapers - most too frightened to express any real opinion "'cos it's Art, innit...and we're scared we might misinterpret it and then look stooopid..." - I do think that the Hilter Remixes are wretchedly lazy pieces of art. But, hey, what do I know - I don't get to curate ATP or contribute to Collapse lol.

This, from some website-or-other: "Tim Marlow, director of exhibitions at the White Cube, insisted that the Chapman Brothers' project was not glorifying the work. "There's no question about them paying homage to them," he said. "These are very bad paintings - abject paintings...""

Well, actually, I think they're still very bad paintings.

The Chapman Bros' 'interventions' add nothing to the paintings of any great import, to be honest, either physically or conceptually. They highlight nothing beyond the bleedin' obvious.

So, evil ol' 'itler was a bad artist...ohmigosh, really. An unimaginative artist, but an imaginative mass-murderer. Ya don't say?

If it's irony yr looking for, then I had a chuckle when I heard they'd bought H's water-colours for £115,000 (I mean, how many artists have got that sort of cash to chuck around?) and intend to sell 'em (plus dinky little stick-on rainbows and smiley-faced suns) for £685,000. Kerchhhhiiiinnnnng! Now, there's yer real story...

(Okay, in fairness to Jake n Dinos, I believe their new piece "Fucking Hell" contains a miniature Hitler sat at his easel painting the hellish inferno laid out in front of him - so if you link this piece together w/ the Hitler Remixes then together they create a sorta interleavened meta-concept-piece (a model of Hitler paints a picture of a nightmarish War-is-Hell scene that has been created by his own actions concept-jumps to a banal painting by the real Hitler that has been remodelled to be even more banal by the people who made the model of Hitler painting, etc), but fucked if I know (or care) whether that was their original intention lol) Out of interest, C. Saatchi bought the original "Hell" for half-a-mil, which was then destroyed in the Momart warehouse fire, but their remix of "Hell" - "Fucking Hell" - has sold for 7.5 or 8.5 mil (depending on which paper you Kerchhhhiiiinnnnng!

Still, this...

isn't really a remix of one of Hitler's's actually a remix of this:

Duchamp's shadow still falls across the art world. He must be laughing in his grave, the old bugger...wh/ means that, after all these years, people are just basically buying the same piece of artwork...a remix of a remix of a remix of an idea, bought over and over again for larger and larger amounts of money...there's a sucker born every minute.

And this...

...surely, it's just a remix of this Steeleye Span album: