Tuesday, May 27, 2008


A brand noo seven-inch single "Sister Alchemy" from Donovan Quinn on Soft Abuse...grab it fast, while you can before they slap him in a straightjacket and send him back to Walnut Creek!

The B-Side is "The Rabbits Tracks", where (apparently) "DQ channels Kris Kristofferson and Nikki Sudden with equal woozy prejudice." Glad I wasn't the only one to spot the Nikki Sudden vibe...

Also, on Soft Abuse, a new album by Steven R Smith under his Ulaan Khol moniker...I've been kinda keeping up w/ Steven's recent-ish output - incl. his v. cool "Owl" CD on Digitalis, and the Hala Strana release "Heave the Gambrel Roof" LP wh/ came out last year with screen-printed wood covers plus a chapbook...that version's long-gone, but you can score a CD or a regular vinyl of that on Steven's own site.