Saturday, May 17, 2008


Dammit: I fucking love these old New English Library books...that 70s period was a late-flowering Golden Age for BritPulp. This one's actually pretty big for a mid-70s NEL; they're usually slightly novella-length; bashed out in 4-6 weeks.

Went on a book forage yesterday and got some bloody amazing booty, tho this is the only 'fiction' book I bought (tho all books are works of fiction on some level, aren't they?) - revisted a secret bookshop that I discovered a few months ago that is so amazing that I can hardly believe it exists, tho it might not be there for much longer. All I can say is that it's basically an old living-room that's been turned into a sort of approximation of a shop. It's quite a remarkable place and yeaterday was easily the best shopping experience I've had since, ooooh, I visited the late, lamented These Records 'shop' in Elephant & Castle a few years back - a place that was so well hidden you had to have a map to find it. Chatting to the book-seller about his rent and stuff and how he actually makes a living out of the place...amazing...a top bloke. He said he only needed to make £7 a day to break even. It sidesteps any sort of conventional business model that you could think of - it's a sort of parallel-universe form of Micro-Capitalism. Tho, thinking about it, there used to be places like this a few years back - probably still are, except the people that stumble on them tend to keep them to themselves...not in a horrible, elitist way, but because it's such a special, prvate moment, browsing around in the dust and pollen, knee-deep in wrinkled paperbacks. I'll tell you more about the shop some other time; for now I just want to savour it before it goes, if you know what I mean! Didn't have a camera on me, otherwise I'd post some photos. Fuck me, I really am completely in awe.