Monday, April 14, 2008


Am I alone in being dumb-founded by the Canadian band Barenaked Ladies's claim that they built the pyramids?

Surely that can't be right, can it? But no, they brazenly state in the lyrics of the theme-tune to the hit TV show The Big-Bang Theory: "We built the Pyramids"...

Chris recorded it on our TV hard-disk last week and we then played it several times to make sure that we hadn't misheard them or something... but, nope: they definitely say: "We built the pyramids." And a quick Google of the lyrics comfirms this to be the case.

I still can't believe they've made such an audacious claim - and on TV! In front of a potential audience of millions of people.

Where I come from, that's called lying.

I was always taught at school (tho I quit History in the 3rd year when I was quickly railroaded into the Sciences, so it's possible that I might have missed something crucial here...) that the pyramids were built by Nubian and Israelite slaves under the supervision of Egyptian engineers who in turn had borrowed their maffimatical chops from The Greeks - presumably because when I grew up no one in any of the post-war text-books still mouldering on our classroom shelves could ever countenance the fact that non-Europeans might have built anything worth beans.

I just checked on the BBC website and they said they didn't really know how the pyramids were built and apparently there was also a bit of confusion about who exactly had built them...I mean, phew - if the Beeb don't know, then--

Well, anyway, everyone seems to be in agreement that it was A Very Big Job Indeed. So it strikes me that Barenaked Ladies might be taking advantage of the fact that there's an element of vagueness still surrounding this Herculean feat of engineering...I mean, surely five blokes from Scarborough, Ontario who met in a restaurant after a Peter Gabriel show in the late 80's couldn't have built the pyramids by themselves...could they?

Well, they say that History is written by the victors, but this begs the question: what exactly is it that the Barenaked Ladies have won?