Saturday, April 12, 2008



Made even more poignant/funny by the fact that it was called 'Life Support' - geddit! - I skulked around and camped-out outside for a few days ('til the security-guards frogmarched me away in me quilt!) hoping they'd smear the frontage w/ windolene, but no dice: in this super-fast post-millennial consumerscape of ours its a non-stop race to get the next retailers in and keep the business rates a-flowin'. (weird how the sign seems to get progressively brighter as the shop dies - like a nimbus or a halo of light - as if the shop's soul was leaving its body. (Do shops have near-death out-of-body experiences, I wonder?))

Still, some windolene woulda been nice tho; like a corpse seen thru a smeary veil of tears...


Sad to hear that Celtic Frost have just split, citing the main factor as: "severe erosion of the personal basis."

Huh? Sounds kinda geological, don't it? Given their name, "Glaciation" might work pretty well as a reason too. Maybe they should employ me to maintain their website or something.

I quite like the idea of using geological terms to describe rock-band dynamics. A bag of cold cod-and-chips to any readers who can think up some suitably 'witty' ones.

(Presses ear to conch-shell and sits there for several weeks, hearing nothing but the sea...grows beard, gets hungry and goes home...)