Thursday, April 03, 2008


Saddened to read on assorted blogs about the death of Neu! drummer Klaus Dinger... but I genuinely thought he'd died about 4 years ago, so I was actually kinda more shocked about the fact that (unbeknown to me) he was still alive up until a week or two ago, than the fact that he really had died recently.

A hugely influencial drummer...hmm: it prob. seems very churlish of me, I know, to point out that he (apparently) wasn't the most pleasant of people to work with, with rehersals collapsing into shouting-matches and him shouting "scheisse!" at band-members, as documented on live bootlegs...tho he was prob. no worse than M.E.S. on an average tuesday night (wh/ reminds me - the new Fall album sounds like a humdinger w/ a bit of a Garage-Prog feel on some tracks...)...sorry if that sounded a bit harsh, but I genuinely thought KD was already dead, so I already went thru the mourning thing a while back, so feeling strangely un-misty-eyed right now....


Yeah, so our boiler finally blew up a couple weeks ago - the day before that recent cold snap, in fact: brrrrr. Never a dull moment, eh?

Still, I was very pleased to see that the gas-man who came round this afternoon to check that the work had been done according to regs, worked for (lol!) The Cisterns of Mercy: