Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Okay, so I've been busy clearing my desk ready to go check out the Silvester Anfang II and Burial Hex show at The Cooler, Bristol, tomorrow night that I mentioned earlier in the month.

Still got a pile of work to finish, but dammit! I'm gonna be out that door and runnin' for the train...

I only actually own one cassette by Tha Hex but - hey! - it's fucking cool...

(Noisy bastards, ain't they?) It's a split w/ Oath, who I'm assuming (until anyone tells me otherwise) is Jessica Toth - the artist formally known as Satya Sai, but now totally Dooming-out as Jex Thoth (and how immmmmensely fucking great is "Stone Evil", eh?) - possibly in cahoots with someone else, possibly James, possibly not, or maybe no-one whatsoever. Anyway, fucking cool cassette.

Also on tomorrow nite's bill should be Sheffield boy Ben Nash, and also Forest Creature... so kinda weirdly coincidental that this arrived thru the post today from those filthy Black Psych freaks at Freq13 (more on this later - far too excited to tell ya now!)

And, yessss, yes...I know, it's an 'old' flier but it's coooool (the note on the other side reads: "Pure Fucking Filth For Your Pleasure!") and it's also freakily and unexpectedly co-incidental wh/ hints that the Sphere of Endless Serendipidy has started to rotate in my direction again, so I'm expecting oodles of weird (and hopefully benign) karmic co-inki-dents to plague me in the next few days. Last week was the, uh, Week of Large Gestures...and this week was the Week of Sullen Swollen Mumbles and Semi-Blinded Wife. Next Week: the Week of Jungian Synchro-Autodictodacts, perhaps?

But even better was the fact that they were trying to explain the philosphies underpinning Extreme War Metal. Trust me: it's totally genius.

(What the fuck is he on about? - Ed.)

(Darned if I know - Ed.'s imaginary editorial assistant)