Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Yeah, roger the tributes being paid by my blogging colleagues to the late Mikey Dread. Respek' Due.

The record below has been a favourite of mine, for more years than I care to remember. Gonna get quietly sloshed this weekend, then fire up the wharfdales and slap this little platter on:

Congo Ashanti Roy and Mikey Dread: man, it don't get much better than that.


Big up D. W. Green!

THE TWISTED TWINS daily chills calendar helmed and edited by DW is due out in December, 2008, via BLU PHI’ER PUBLISHING, available thru Amazon, Borders, Chapters, etc and will be distributed to bookstores throughout North America and U.K.

Why am I excited about this? Well, it's a calendar-styled book that comes with a piece of transgressive art or twisted lit. assigned to each of its 365 daily pages. There's about 80+ contributors, incl. some of the finest underground writers and illustrators around today - this is the Next Wave of alt.lit freaks and freakesses that are threatening to break thru into the wider global consciousness, and if you ain't heard of these folks it's because you've not been paying wake up and sniff the tippex, buddy, for the times they are a-changing!

We're talking the soured double-cream of Neo-Surrealists, Bizarros, Absurdists, Irrealists, Splatter-Punks, Natter-Jacks and Refuseniks: Forrest and Jase are in there, along with Jeremy Shipp, and Mo Ali and Mark Zirbel, Kenji Siratori, Eckhard Gerdes, Cameron Pierce, Andersen Prunty, D. Harlan Wilson, Gina Ranalli, John Edward Lawson, Kevin L. Donihe, M.F. Korn and a cast of dozens that also includes,

Somehow or other, I snuck in there with three twisted one-pagers guaranteed to send you off on a random kill-spree after you've read 'em. Still, December's a long way off, so I'll give you a heads-up nearer the time, 'cos this is def. a mustn't-miss compilation of cuttin'-edge something-or-other that'll make an xtra-boss Xmas present for your nearest-and-weirdest.