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Durrty Goodz
Tippa Irie
Scuba / Hotflush
An extensive interview with Shut Up And Dance
A tribute to Ninjaman
Young Grime MCs: Chipmunk, Griminal, Little Dee

The second part of an interview with Mark Iration
Grime and the police
And muuuuuuuuch, much more.

incl. (I think) some reviews by me. Also, I think there's hopefully gonna be a piece on Gatekeeper by me in the next ish.

Available here. What are ya waiting for - the last ish sold out in about 3.6 seconds!!!


Great to see that the venerable tradition of Mexican masked-wrestler movies from the 50s and 60s are being honoured by a new generation of no-budget tributes. So lace up yr boots and sprinkle yr canvas with talcum powder (actually, that sounds more like an S & M session lol), cos here comes...



More info about that one here. Now, I think, but could be wrong that this is currently in limbo because of a possible rights issue around whoever 'owns' the name 'Aztec Mummy' and there's rumours that it's now gonna do the film festival circuit under the name "Mil Mascaras: Resurrection" instead. If anyone has any additional info, please let me know. I'd love to see completed versions of both these films.

And for those of y'all too young or sheltered to have experienced the real thing, here's a clip from "Santo y Blue Demon contra los Monstruos" (1969) which was the 23rd (!!!!!) film starring Rodolfo Guzman Huerto as Santo ("The Saint"), The Man in the Silver Mask...and he went on to make another 20 or more movies after that one. I remember seeing photos of him and his buddies in film magazines in the early 70s and just thinking that "Mexican Horror Wrestling Films" (as I used to call them) were the greatest thing ever, but there were no videos back in them days and the films weren't ever shown on UK TV, so it was mannnnn-nnn-ny years before I finally got to see any of the $%*&ing things lol.

And a few random stray posters for your joy and delight:

Blue Demon:

(BD was Santo's main rival and protagonist in the ring, but the two later teamed up for a bunch of monster-wrestlin' movies. Blue Demon later starred in a series of 20 or so films himself, and also even led a sort of Mexican Wrestling version of the JLA called Los Campeones Justicieros ("The Champions of Justice"). Awriiiight!)

Rider of the Skulls:

Blue Demon and Zovek in Invasion of the Dead:

Mil Mascaras:

Rocambole Vs. The Cult of The Scorpion:

Mil Mascaras in The Vampires of Coyoacan: