Thursday, March 06, 2008


Er, does anyone want to come and see "Rambo" with me next week?


This sounds a laff:

"Following two rip-roaring, none-more-bassy parties lit up by live sets from Shackleton and Bass Clef, The Washing Line returns on Saturday 8th March for its third outing - with a headline set from Bok Bok & Manara, aka Faggatronix, whose on-the-money selections of grime, garage, bassline house and banging club are sure to make you jerk, shake and, er, perculate. The venue, once again, is the cellar bar of The Constitution, a ludicrously cosy and easily accessible lockside boozer in Camden replete with weird locals and their dogs. Con Brio, one of our favourite purveyors of ghosted electronica and synth atmospherics, will also be performing live."

"Your hosts and resident DJs Lazerboy & Mr Soft spin dub, disco, techno and post-punk oddities, old and new. With no guestlist, no queues, no overpriced drinks and, we trust, no idiots – i.e. none of the grim accoutrements that make going out in London often such a joyless pursuit – The Washing Line aims, in its own modest way, to reinstate fun and integrity at the cornerstone of capital clubbing, and provide a place for people to talk, drink, dance, take modest amounts of drugs and hear cutting edge sounds, without insulting their intelligence or boring them sh*tless."