Friday, February 29, 2008


Some more faves, along with this and, of course, Arthur Magazine.

This ish of Dream Magazine has been around for a little while, but I'm lazy and I live in the late 1860s in a shepherd's lean-to hut with no running water and I think I've got Smallpox.

It's produced by ze legendary George from Nevada City and it features articles and interviews with just about everyone that you need to read about, no shit. There's also a peerless free CD and the letter's page even features a missive from Phil of Terrascope who was last spotted lurking in the minstrel's gallery of the MV/EE gig in Trowbridge. So what are you waiting for, O Thrill-Starved One - The Troggs to reform!!???

N-next up is Galactic Zoo Dossier. Dig the eye-sizzlin' ultra-colour graphix: don' they jus' make youse wanna weep fer joy, my little bug-eye'd darlin's...come on, I know yuh wanna take a peep inside...

This comes with (ulp!) two free CDs and a set of Astral Folk Goddess trading cards, as well as (cos I know that (a) my scanner ain't much cop, (b) your retinas are smouldering from looking at the cover, and (what comes after (b)...? Ah, yeah, I remember...) (c) you've just had a flashback to Aug 21st, 1973, even tho you weren't even born then!)...what was I saying?....oh yea: crucial innerviews w/ folks like Kevin Coyne, Gary Panter, Clive Palmer of ISB...come on: get wid the program - live a little, why dontchuh!