Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Just been watching this fabulous Spaghetti Western:

Ashamed to say I've not seen this before. Lee Van Cleef is sooo fucking cool in this as a native American cavalry officer who punches and shoots anyone who gets in his way - it's relentless: there's a punch-up, a tense confrontation or a gun-fight every two minutes, punctuated by endless pithy one-liners. Underrated exploitation hero Stuart Whitman makes for a great villain. There a marvellous funky, acid-drenched fuzztone soundtrack (with Lee himself singing the main-title and end-credits!) and even a trip sequence. A trip sequence in a Western!??? Well, he gets dosed by some Mexican witch...

The trailer really doesn't do this film justice. It's terrific.

yeah: "He's a redskin in cavalry blues!"