Saturday, February 23, 2008


Big up my fellow Discharger Murmurists who has a new 4-track ep available from netlabel My Formica Table. You can check it out here.

"Thigmotropist Undersing" is the sound of dark, photonegative bees nesting in a concrete hive.

"Edu.Haemosexual" is a grainy urban soundscape; backstreet ambi-noise pixellated into a soundtrack of itself.

"(audition)" is a late-nite TV advert for a teenage chatline that suddenly becomes sentient.

But my favoutite is "Soprano Gory" which sounds like someone trying to drum along to a power-station. Later on, some ferries join in out on the river and create a sort of oddly-emotive post-industrial horn-section. It winds down into what might be a guitar playing harmonics thru fx, or maybe a keyboard, but there's something faintly cinematic about it: incidental music from I'm not sure what. It's only 2:15 long, but it made me imagine a ridiculous hypothetical; a musical what-if scenario wherein early 80s NY No-Wave had evolved into a sort of Prog version of itself wh/ had got co-opted into a film or TV soundtrack by some lost indie director.

Murmurists' previous release was "Anethereal 666.1", available here from Dadaist Audio. My favourite from that batch is the slow-creeping Math-Prog of "Copy (2) of Copy of 2"...

Back in January I asked M about his approach to making music and he said:

"The music itself is in fact a mix of laptop and other things, including meaningful amounts of live playing. In terms of purely live renditions of Murmurists, we have little digitised, as we tend to mix both, as in anethereal 666.1. We use laptop manipulation as an instrument in all our performances, anyway. We have lots of live improv on minidisc, even tape, but nothing on-line. We can send you a few examples of live improv, captured ambiently, at gigs, made by the same three Murmurists who played live in Northampton, UK, in October 2007, if you like. We did record that gig, but it was somewhat jam-bandish; and we do not wish to share the results; as the performance was multimedia, with film etc., and the music is simply out-of-context on its own. There are pictures of the performance on (his MySpace) if you are interested (go to 'pics', select albums for 12th Oct o7 and Goya Made Us Do It).

"Murmurists is my 'baby', but has various and varied connections, personnel-wise. Three of played live in Oct 07, as I mentioned. That was improv. No plans as yet for further outings with same people. I'm currently developing live (& recording) thing - around composition, and it'll be multi-media - with another fella, outside of Murmurists. Other irons are in other fires, as ever; all under the Murmurists banner. Murmurists is more like Gorillaz (spelling?) than Rush - insofar as it has semi-fictive elements; but sometimes it is a proper group, too. But all that's solid melts into air, anyway. "