Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Okay, so my new regular blog-column is now up and going over on the FACT site...

It's a sort of year-start, state-of-the-nation type piece that focuses in on the mighty Theo Angell and French Occult rockers Aluk Todolo, who both kindly weighed in w/ a special guest appearance from Shit and Shine, amongst others...

Props to Theo and Antoine from Aluk for taking the time to chat with me in recent weeks...their albums "Auraplinth" and "Descension" (tho totally different in style and approach) are both utterly fabulous and will def. be of interest to regular Kid Shirt lurkers - so go check 'em - and if you don't already own anything by the Shit and Shiners, then shame on ya; you're obv. beyond help!

Meanwhile, here's a trailer for Theo's new film "The Perfume of Accident" (he's a v. talented film-maker as well as a great singer/song-writer...):

The music's mostly by Eric of Black Dice, plus Michael Hurley and Tara Jane O'neil. Theo says: "I've just recently been sending it out to festivals although it's been finished quite some time now, but it hasn't had it's premiere yet. That will probably happen here in New York."