Sunday, February 03, 2008


"The final word"? Nah, I don't think so. The Guilty Lists continue to roll ever onwards; this is all Dom's fault, of course. What hath thou unleashed, mon? Dom's worried that this meme might now be "disrupting the very fabric of the blogosphere..." I'm soooo enjoying it, tho...

Lurch ups the ante by 'fessin' up to a liking for Morrissey. Huh, big deal, you might think, but in our tightly-spun social circles this is paramount to musical treason; a crime that could see him hauled in front of The Kangaroo Pub Court of Malfunctioning Record Collections. So, kudos to Lurch for his honesty n all, but I'm still gonna kick his arse next time I see him lol!

And Starsailor and Coldplay - jeez: this is hardcore, mate. I'm impressed. Is picking Tight Fit, "Jump" and that ace-in-the-hole of Southern Boogie Swagger "Centrefold" enough to balance out the wobbly scales of Karmik Justice? I think not...

The mighty John Eden meanwhile weighs in a superbly eclectic and shame-free selection that includes Vagina Dentata Organ and Howard Jones. I've got a personal anecdote about the Vagina Dentata Organ attack dog album that I'll share at some point when I've got a moment. And Jonathan King: I'm in total awe. (Mind you: I love "Johnny Reggae," "Loop di Love" and "Everyone's Gone to the Moon") A true pro, John (Eden, not King) makes it all look incredibly effortless. Plus some lovely scans.

And a totally genius fistful of picks from Farmer Glitch that left me breathless and salivating: Elkie Brooks, ELP, Ted Nugent, The Wurzles ("The Chew Magna Cha Cha" - lol!)..."Mouldy Old Dough" is a long-time/all-time fave of mine; The Electrik Coconut moog cover-version of that used to be the theme-tune of my pirate-radio program back in the, uh, day; and I'd always start DJ sets with it, irregardless of the genre or theme of the evening...and one of the great regrets of mine was not buying a Little Jimmy Osmond mug at a car-boot sale a few years back (it was chipped).

Oh, shit: and even Martin's on the case. "More fun than Roni cunting Size" (Lol! That ought to be an advertising slogan for something, or be on a T-Shirt) He was talking about Fatboy Slim, not the Minipops, in case you were wondering.