Saturday, January 26, 2008



More Toni.

From Wikipedia: "This song is, in fact, a cover of "Kitty", a 1979 release by UK band Racey, written by British hitmakers Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman. Furthermore, "Mickey" was actually recorded in 1979, and, when her record label wanted to release the song in 1982, Basil was reluctant, believing the song already sounded "dated". But the label persevered, and pop-music history was made."

Wow: Toni Basil/Racey connection. Kerrr-chiiiing!

She was one of the dancers with Davy Jones in "Daddy's Song" in The Monkees' awesome film "Head." She also choreographed Bowie's "Diamond Dogs" tour.

Here, Toni slows dn "Mickey" and recasts it as Faux-Electro on "Street Beat" - love the percussion on this:

...and some Linn-Drum and Soft Metal-driven moves on "Over My Head" that make me strangely nostalgic for mid-80s nightclubs:

(Actually it kinda reminds me of "Point of No Return" by Exposé - a late 80s all-girl NRG-Pop group produced by Lewis A. Martineé, who also did the Pet Shop Boy's wonderful "Domino Dancing"...but it's produced by Richie Zito, so no obvious connection there...)

There's a handful of her later twelves on Youtube, but it's mostly homemade videos featuring rostrum camera style footage made by fans of record sleeves, labels and promo photos...still, there's some great Pop-Dance tracks that make me wanna check out some of her early 80s albums if I ever see them in a charity shop (so now you all know what to get me for me birthday in Feb - Toni Basil twelves and albums from the 80s LOL!)...didn't realise she went kinda Hi-NRG later in her career. The jumpy theatre/dance moves make her a candidate for Quirk canonisation, but she doesn't quite hack it. Some triffik v. slightly left-field, forgotten Pop toons tho.