Friday, January 25, 2008


Anyway, this is the Currie Sisters: ex-Runaways Cherie and her sis Marie - from 1980, especially for Dom Zero, who kicked off all this recent rampant mischief. Damon Packard sent me a DVD of this (amongst other things) last year and I keep meaning to send ya a copy, man:


And Cloudboy too: LOL!


Actually, the comments below about Dennis Waterman reminded me that the mighty V/VM emailed me a few days back that he was in the midst of an incredible "Minder" binge-sesh:

"Right now I'm in a Minder halfway there (wish me luck!) - should have been sponsored really !!! Anyway, am up to season 5 out of 10: 37 dvd's worth of Arthur Daley and the Winchester Club before I hit the Post-Terry years with the Ray Daley episodes.

"Did you ever get a copy of the "Minder" 7" I did with Chicks on Speed back in the day - it's the worst/best track ever. I will upload it for you when i get the chance, but, like Arthur says, "those boys have done me up like a kipper, that's what you get when treat grown men like adults" also has Little and Large singing Minder as well: so, so wrong and well before Peter Kaye's Minder skit.

"I also remember one place in Manchester now and again would finish the night by playing Minder and when everyone was happily drunk you would get people on the tables... does funny things to people of a certain age that Dennis Waterman single...

"My favourite though will always be '"Prospects" with the late Gary Olsen, post-Minder but written by the same team...have got it on some dodgy dvd's this end - also have the theme tune on 7" - shown on Channel 4 back in the day it was and very little on-line about it now.

"God bless the Winchester Club!"

Meanwhile, expect some spanking new Caretaker product any day now incl. something on a Canadian label, plus a new release "Breaklow" by The Stranger.

There's a piece here about Euston Films. Strangely, I always used to like "Capital City" - used to watch it on E - tho I suspect I was alone in my opinion.


Inherited this chain-post from Dom Zero...I think the theme was prob. meant to be ten 'guilty musical pleasures' but I'm so unashamably guilt-free about about my love of what I love, that I wasn't sure what approach to take...I don't distinguish between High-Brow, Low-Brow or Sub-Brow: cheesy doesn't come into it; I either love it or I don't. So I just randomly free-associated and picked 10 things that I like that would probably make some other people cringe, but, hey, who cares... I assumed that everyone thought The Dooleys and The Nolans were post-cool.

Oddly, I was going to include "King of Pain" by The Police, a song I love by a band I otherwise hate (wh/ seemed in the spirit of this post), but St. Anthony pipped me to that. And here's Doppelganger's choice. I confess I do really like "Hey Mickey" and "Superstar."

Okay, off the top of my head....

1) Theme tune to "Josie & The Pussycats." ("Long tails and ears for hats")

2) "Power to all our Friends" - Cliff Richard. (Cliff never sounded better!)

3) "Some Girls Do" - Racey. ("I know I got the fever, but I don't know why..." - 'nuff said.)

4) "The Bump" - Kenny. (Full-on crunching glitterstompf! Dig the baritone-bass vocal repeat of the title)

5) "Better off Alone" - Alice Deejay (Bittersweet existential Eurocheese. Ice Bird Spiral even did a cover version of this on "Swineville")

6) "Close to The Edge" - Yes. (Okay, I know it's an album, but...
One side Rocks, the other not so much. After years of hating this lot, I finally bit the bullet and took the plunge last year...)

7) "I Could be So Good For You" - Dennis Waterman. (You're nicked, sunshine!)

8) "Angie Baby" - Helen Reddy. (Produced by Kim Fowley, I think, but this is soooo wrong; the sound of Radio 2 slowly turning evil...)

9) "Funky Gibbon" - The Goodies. (What's not to like.)

10) "Get Down"- Gilbert O'Sullivan. "You're a bad dog, baby/But I still want you around."

Wot, only ten...gaaaah: I was just warming up.

I think I'm supposed to pick three or four unwitting victims now and pass this on like a case of genital herpes....Betty, Gutta and Loki have all been fingered, so to speak...Cloudboy's busy, I know, readying himself for our next live show (tho go for it, man, if you got a moment and want to join in!), so the writhing finger of Fate now also points at Farmer Glitch, The X and Dan from The End Times.