Monday, January 21, 2008


A package from Turku or Tampere, Finland, is always greeted w/ mega-excitement in our house (well, by me, at least!) and this was no exception.

Thanks to Roope from the ever-magnificent Lal Lal Lal Records for his latest cultural Red Cross package, containing some fine new releases on his label that I've been beavering thru today, and bloody excellent they are too (more on them later). Thicky that I am, I doo like lookin at pikturs, so I was bowled over to find that the soul-saving slab of CDs were wrapped up in the latest ish of Kuti...

Apologies for the cropped image, but me scanner's too small and Kuti is a large tabloid newspaper-sized Finnish comic cum graphic-art magazine ...and bloody good it is too. It was on my list of things to check out, so chin-chin and cheers to Roope for making a pre-emptive strike. Fear ye not, my illiterate little chicklings, for Kuti is bi-lingual - the comic-strips come complete with Ango translations for those of you, like me, whose Finno-Ugric barely stretches to "Hello" or "Yes."

The mag is full of (what I would, in my woeful ignorance, describe as) Neo-Brut/Outsider art and some tripped-out Post-Basil Wolvertoooons: gorgeously queasy and garishly beautiful...(there's a fab piece by Roope himself that features a couple of hedgehogs, a mouse and The Devil!)...there's also a piece on their French maverik art bretheren Le Dernier Cri whose associates now incl. Skull Disco's mega-talented Zeke.......why, even the adverts alone are worth the price of admission:

Ah, did I say price? Well, I believe that this might even possibly be yours for the price of postage if you ask them nicely...available thru the Kuti site, or via Lal Lal Lal....and while you're there stock up on some of their great merch - the latest batch of releases have reduced my ears to a muddy puddle of lentil gloop - Lal lal Lal are simply unable to put out anything duff, no shit.

(I've said it before, but) Kuti should appeal to those of ya that, like me, love the Bi-lingual Glomp Finnish comic anthology or Fantographics' Blab!