Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cycling round the back of the old airfield in the dark, down the path that leads down into the trees and this helicopter comes swooping down over me, really low with its nose pointing downwards and its searchlight on full. I got caught full-on in the glare of its beam for a few seconds as it roared past overhead, tail-lights flashing was kinda thrilling in a Dystopic/Orwellian sort of way and, for a few seconds, I pulled up the bike and just stood there feeling like I was an extra in "Escape from New York". I knew I had 12 minutes to get home and help bathe the kids before the electronic collar around my neck goes off.

Tomorrow night we're gonna take a kid's inflatable dinghy out on the River Yeo, down by the Pike Pool, and see if those paramilitary fuckers come after us in their choppers.