Tuesday, January 01, 2008


A trailer here for a surreal little film called "EGG" which is due to drop sometime-ish soon. It's directed by Jayson Densman and scripted by novelist Jeremy C Shipp who works at what I guess you could describe as the more Horror-ish end of the Bizarro.Lit Non-Movement.

Details are still sketchy, but I believe the film includes an evil mime artist and a teddy-bear that bleeds from its eye. I loooove evil mime artists.

Anyway, looks like it might be fun.

Jayson describes it as follows: "Envision a storyline that has the surreal, symbolic qualities of a David Lynch dream sequence, the universal dynamics and power of deep personal fear and hope...thread that with an undercurrent of a rare, undefined phobia that quietly waits to blossom and reveal its intent for you. That’s EGG. That’s Jeremy Shipp. It’s the story of a boy within a man’s temporally displaced consciousness...attempting to change the order of a truth and a pain. Maybe. Physically, the story is a chameleon. To each person, it relays something different and does it without losing pungency. It has such a broad landscape of everyday commons, but the blending of these elements that allows the story a lot of space to romp and punch on the emotional keys. To force more out of EGG would be to negate its purpose. This is experimental storytelling at a crest and a challenging gift in return for the hidden things you brought in with you. Check nothing at the door."

Some on-set photos courtesy of Jeremy: