Friday, December 12, 2008


My quest to find a suitable kippah is turning into a fiasco. (see: previous post) I have scoured the charity-shops of Yeovil without much success. It appears the local Jewish community has gone into hiding, leaving not so much as a middle-aged tailor in their wake. I found a 2nd-hand Neil Diamond record, but that doesn't count.

In the end I was forced to buy a white sailor's hat from a joke-shop and trim its edges to make an ersatz kippah. It is slightly too big. Apparently, I now resemble Cat Stevens - sorry, Yusuf Islam - but as he looks now...tho, perhaps this is not a bad thing. Perhaps I am one of the 36 Just Men that arise each generation to save their people...maybe it is my destiny to somehow unify the Jewish and Muslim worlds by playing the theme from "Minder" and some early Sweet B-Sides.

I dunno about Lamedvavnik, I see myself as more of a Lameducknik. A Champion of the Preposterous. Defender of the Underdog. The Samson of the Ridiculous and the Under-rated.

Anyway, it has made my wife laugh a great deal. And for that reason alone I shall wear it tomorrow night.

Doors open at 8:00pm and it costs £3 to get in.


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