Saturday, December 13, 2008


Huff n chuffed that my short story "Bradley Sands is a Dick" has been accepted in the soon-to-be-unleashed Bradley Sands is a Dick e-antho edited by Andersen Prunty. Actually, every single story in the antho is called "Bradley Sands is a Dick" - it is a hi-concept anthology.

The guidelines are here. What particularly attracted me to this was the description that it "strives to be the most ill-conceived, poorly planned e-anthology out there". That seemed a worthy goal to strive for. It seemed to fit in with my recent Lameducknik persona-concept.

I am very pleased with my piece and extremely pleased to be part of this. Some very cool names have submitted to this - I've seen some of the pieces that were rejected and they were pretty damn good, so this should be a bangin' antho.

Says Andersen: "The online anthology will be available as a free .pdf via the Absurdist Journal Break Down the Doors and Eat All the Chickens, some time in early ’09. Readers will vote on which story best represents Bradley Sands’ ability to ruin the world. The winner of this contest will win 100 dollars, payable via PayPal. If your story had a title, the title will be changed to 'Bradley Sands is a Dick.'"

I should, of course, point out that Bradley Sands is not a dick. Far from it. He has been Zennishly serene and dude-like in all my dealings with him, though he is (as he would be the first to admit) "full of lies."

He currently lives in Vietnam.


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