Thursday, December 04, 2008

FACT 2008 TOP 20

Well, the votes for the FACT mag Top 20 albums are in and the results have just been posted, spread over two pages here and here.

Predictably, a good-natured ruck broke out in the comment-boxes from readers over what should and shouldn't have been included in the list lol...the list was assembled from votes cast by the office staff and assorted freelancers, but it's always amusing to see the howls of outraged anguish from punters n pundits whose personal faves have been omitted. The individual contributors' lists'll be up soon for albums and tracks, so you'll be able to check which way I voted. There won't be many surpises there for regular Kid Shirt readers, tho my votes were a bit arbitrary 'cos there were dozens of deserving LPs and tunes all crowding the lobby and shouting at me, going "Me! Me! ME!" like unemployed yuppies queuing for jobs at Burger King. Still, if just a couple more people had voted for the No Jaa CD-r then it would probably be up for a Mercury Prize next year lol...

I did, however, get to write bits about the hugely underrated "Hush Arbors" album on Ecstatic Peace and, erm, Portishead.


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