Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Meanwhile, a new Wyrd World: me on the intersection (and odd off/on alliance) betwn Prog and Punk. In particular, the music of Ron Anderson of PAK, RonRuins, The Molecules, etc infamy. Thanks to Ron for being a total dude and taking the time out to talk to me - I enjoyed our talk immensely. His enthusiasm for all sorts of music from Bartok to Boredoms and Mingus to Minutemen was extremely infectious to say the least.

You can dip into his back catalogue here (and you really should! - all sorts of interesting folk seem to turn up)

On a connected tip, here's some stuff by Jason Willet - a pal and collaborator of Ron's who I unfortunately ommitted from the piece - the pair of them worked together on "Be the First on the Block to Eat the Snake." Jason played in Half-Japanese for a while and has also recorded collabs with the likes of James Chance, Ruins and various members of Henry Cow. I think some of you might dig his stuff - check the mental collabs w/ Jad Fair.

Oh, and here is/are Ruins, of course.


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