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Top marks to DB (who's not) from Hammer-Smashed Jazz for (amongst many other wunnerful things) slipping a Mythos reference into our recent series of Tentative Intersections betwn The Scooby-Dooverse and, er, Other Stuff (see post waaaay, way down somewhere or other, but still experiencing a sloooow creepin' half-life in the comments-box twilight-zone).

Leng pops up in "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath" and "At the Mountains of Madness" (amongst other places) - two stories that I first encountered in the above antho. Good Ol' Reliable Wikipedia (I'm being sarcastic here) points out that HPL had a life-long interest in Antarctic Exploration (me too!) and that he may have been stimulated to write "ATMOM" by Admiral Byrd's 1930 expedition. Well, a couple pages into the story n he quickly name-checks Byrd, Scott, Amundsen, etc.

Interestingly, Byrd's later, mid-40's trek forms the centre-point of many conspiracy-theory set-pieces on The Hollow Earth, Nazi/Alien UFO bases, etc. I love this twilight intersection that sometimes exists between fact n fiction, where epoch-making real events in the early 20th century seem to intersect with or become culturally amplified by Pulp/Wyrd Fiction... so you get stories by people like M. P. Shiel, E R Burroughs, etc amping up old pre-history camp-fire tales, which then feed into real-life exploration/scientific achievement, get filtered back thu Lovecraft and the 30s Pulps, commingle with suppressed mass-consciousness fears of the unknown (global war/fascism/outer-space/the atom age in the 40s and 50s) until they become a new sort of remoulded, multi-layer'd mythology that we pick over in the camp-fire glow of the internet. Another example (or, rather, annex of all that) is the "I Remember Lemuria"/Richard Shaver saga that ran thru Amazing Stories and which I'm prone to mention every 6 months or so. I probably even talk about it in my sleep too, and my wife's taping it all and (unbeknown to me) selling instalments to Fate magazine to finance her bingo addiction.

But anyway, it was Leng I really wanted to mention. Kinda.

DB said:

Card 136: Snow Angels on the Plateau of Leng - implying, I dunno, Scoob and the Gang in arctic parkas hangin' on the tundra overlooking vast, alien-carved Cyclopean pylons with Lake's grandson and Danforth's foxy grandchick (some subplot about mineral-rights and an unscrupulous metallurgy company rippin' off the locals and maybe a tribe of Mi-Go Yetis show up for dinner...) and nuthin' for Shag and Scoob to eat but reheated pizza and (mmmmm) yak milk...

DB responded to my comment about Mystery Inc. touring with Burzum, by saying: "Maybe Varg and the gang can cut a 7" of Tromsø Prison Blues?" LOL!

I was convinced there was already a Metal band called Leng, but couldn't find them. (Tho tired and didn't look too hard lol) Seems almost a no-brainer to call yrself Leng, innit?

Still, interesting that when considering a Burzum/Mys Inc musical intersection it should almost be pre-emptively presumed to be gnarly or Death/Doom/Black Metal-based...I had it in mind to invert that expectation and have a late 60s style Bubblegum Pop backing-track in the vein of The Archies or Ohio Express or Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus (eeek! potential 10cc crossover alert!), but with Varg singing about "The Pure White Wolf Race" or whatever in his best-est pop-falsetto. Ayran Bubblegum Mystery-Metal-Pop: it could be huge.


At 6:56 am, Blogger db said...

Ayran Bubblegum Mystery-Metal-Pop seems entirely doable -- I trick my noise curmudgeon friends into appreciating the Millennium album Begin by telling them it's actually a concept album about a suicide cult. It totally fits!

Note also I don't write Hammer Smashed Jazz, I'm just a reader. The internet is totally confusing.

At 1:03 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

I get easily confused at the best of times, with or without the internet. Now that I've hit myself over the head with a saucepan I can see that, yes, you don't write HSJ - and that you live in a completely different part of the universe than the person/people who do. I need new glasses obviously.

I will correct the post at some point. I've been meaning to email you all week. I will try and get my shit together to do this soon as my hangover disipates.

At 6:12 am, Blogger db said...

No rush! Things here are crazy-busy, between everpresent illness and rushing to get Church of Mandrax ready for a (hopefully) January release (cover here) so it'll probably be into the new year before I can actually focus on things again.


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