Saturday, November 08, 2008


I love Dr. A's wonderful descriptions of the various 0003 contributrz (below):

An L After I, An N Before E:
ouija guitaristics from UK

Bryan Lewis Saunders (with murmurists) :
stand-up tragedy from USA

Comfy Rubbish:
found sounds ritualised from UK

Ice Bird Spiral:
psycho-industrial Fluxus from UK

Igor's Roomy Lab Coat (& friends):
a message from under the stares [sic] from UK

Inferno Speedgown:
broken operatics, drunken drums from USA

elegiac esoteria from Serbia

murmurists (& friends):
tripartite fahrenheit 452 from UK

Noise Research:
Our Manet in Pripyat from UK

One Minute Wanda:
old testament punktronica from UK

Prometheus (Unbound):
soundscape and cenotaphory from UK

rev. undRess Beton:
attenuated Camus as muniment from Germany

Robert Redford for Bedford:
hairshirt torchsinging from UK

disco onomatopoetics from Turkey

Tracy Lee Summers:
narcadia (with klaxon) from France

rev. undRess Beton is Jaan from Frankfurt (the Other Frankfurt!)...Hi Jaan! Jaan's a total dude n Ice Bird Spiral have done an as-yet unreleased track with him...


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