Thursday, November 20, 2008


Olympus Found is a new zine put together by writer Cameron Pierce and some of his buddies from Olympus, Washington. Cameron initially described the mag as "no-budget" which immediately appealed to me 'cos I'm a no-budget kinda writer. The first ish - whose 'theme' is based round "creation/destruction/ritual/sacrifice within the context of cultural myths and fabrications" and which is a heckuva lot more fun than it sounds, believe me - should be available any nano-second now....

The first issue features a short story by myself called "'Donna, Waiting for the Phone to Ring" which I wrote as part of The 10cc Project back in the arse-end of th' summer. My pitch to Cameron was: "it's, uh, a sort of Arabic-flavoured take on a Post-Lovecraft Conspiracy theme, but filtered through lyrics from a song by the 70s Pop/Rock band 10cc... " wh/ is still a fairly accurate description, I guess, and hopefully ticks all the correct thematic boxes above.

Olympus Found also features some crazy shit by such modern-day marvels as Bradley Sands, Andersen Prunty, James Chapman and a host of others. I'm pretty sure Cameron must be in there somewhere or other too. The zine has no website that I'm currently aware of, but issues can be ordered directly from Cameron at:

Cameron Pierce [a-a-a-t] hotmail [do-o-o-t] com

And it's only three bucks! That's right: three lousy bucks (incl. postage if yr in the US; a little bit more for the UK - just ask Cameron - he won't bite!)

Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! I'll post an image soon as my contributor's copy arrives.

Meanwhile, Cameron's first novel "Shark-Hunting in Paradise Garden" is available. Go check!

Here's some product description for y'all:

"What would you expect to find if you traveled back in time to the Garden of Eden? Adam and Eve? The tree of knowledge? A wicked serpent? How about some giant fucking flying sharks!

That's right, I said sharks. Biblical sharks. Sharks that are bigger than city buses. Sharks that can swim through the air and through the ground just as easy as swimming through water. The Garden of Eden is swarming with these mammoth killing machines and they'll eat just about anything or anyone they come across.

A group of fanatical religious tourists from the future travel back in time to meet Adam and Eve. Unfortunately, their time ship crashes, killing the majority of the crew (including the leprechauns) and leaving them stranded in this strange shark-infested land. Among the survivors are: Ernest who has the ability to turn people into mannequins, Ira who wields a razor-edged bible for a weapon, Wayne a giant wizard head with fat lizard legs, Donkey the hunchback halfwit, Anton the birdman, Rattlesnake Doctor, Ancestor, and Sturgeonwolf.

This cult of deranged priests soon discover that Eden is a far more surreal and dangerous place than they ever could have imagined. It is going to take everything they've got in order to survive long enough to find another way back home. Shark Hunting in Paradise Garden is a crazy, wild ride of a story. It is what William Burroughs's imagination would look like if turned into Japanese anime."


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