Friday, November 07, 2008


Just up:

Survey 0003, the latest album-collection-release from the Classwar Karaoke Netlabel-Collectiv is available, all ready to hit the streets and the human hive-mind. This episode's musical 'theme' circles around the seemingly-unrelated ideas of "Regression" and "Burlesque".

003 includes a new track by Ice Bird Spiral called "Cellophane Madonna Trolley" (not available anywhere else, and that incl.s the "Psychiatmc Bloems" css on Funeral Folk that I mentioned yesterday). It's a multipart-ual piece that moves thru a series of miniature dreamworlds - something for everyone, I'm sure - and hopefully pulls together the two themes above. It features an actual real-life Yeovil-based hypnotist who's on hand to take you somewhere creepy, damp and opulent. Anyone who attended our show at The Cube in Bristol at the beginning of the year will remember that we played a piece which featured a professional children's performer in full-on Punch n Judy mode that we hired-in to recite/record some ISB-written Surrealist text along with the usual "Zzzzzatz za way da do itzzz", evil laughs and fart jokes. A re-spun version of that nightmarish little recording will be available kinda soonish-ish - more details if n when. Yep, we're Ice Bird Spiral: we don't fuck about.

So get on over to the CK site pronto - the Classwar Karaoke collective have created a seriously fucked-up and fabulous release for you to enjoy. There's a player on the site for you to have a listen, but click on the blog section and that'll lead you down into some text pieces by the various contributors. Beneath that is another player, and beneath that are downloadables for each individual track, just right-click and select "Save Target As". Easy, innit.

There's some pics n artwork here.

Players and downloads are also available for Surveys 0001 and 0002 under the blogs section.

What are you waiting for? Get stuck in and spread the word, you fuckers.


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