Friday, November 21, 2008


More shameless self-promotional hype n brouhaha-heh.

Me story "The Documentary" will be appearing in the next paperback volume (#35!) of The Journal of Experimental Fiction, edited by the legendary Eckhard Gerdes. JEF has been going for some time now, spewing forth strange, beautifully written irrealist lit. and wordsmithery back before Bizarro was even a glint in its daddy's soup. I'm fucking honoured to be included. Don't be put off by the "experimental" tag; it just means some good shit that you can't buy in Waterstones. Call me old fashioned, but my own story has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Soon as I hear when it's hitting streets I'll let you know.

Eckhard's own writing pedigree stretches back further than a gibbon's arm. His heroes incl. Brautigan, Patchen, Joyce, Beckett, Federman, Barth, Jaffe, Burroughs, Acker, Moorcock, Calvino, Ionesco, Arno Schmidt, Clyfford Still, Picasso, Pollack, Kraan, Captain Beefheart, Pere Ubu, Stockhausen and Webern. I lifted that from his biog, bu-u-u-u-t:

Kraan! Fucking Kraan, man! That alone makes him a fucking dude in my book. Kraan, Webern and Moorcock. Awwright!

Eckhard is the author of several books incl. "The Million-Year Centipede" which is v. high on my to-read list. Here he is talking about it, along with a bunch of other stuff.

"The Documentary" is from a cycle of stories that I call The Traffic Inspector's Daughter, and other tales of The Pseudo-Psoviet Protectorate. They are set in an inverse Gogol-Orwellverse that I have mentioned before. I have some crackpot scheme in mind to collect these together at some point; but I just have to write them first lol. The next two in the cycle are provisionally called "The Soup-Vendor" and "The Quarantine" but both need to be typed up from me notes some time or other.


At 2:12 pm, Blogger Grant Wamack said...

Sound interesting.I love weird story cycles.

At 3:28 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

I've got this, er,,,weird Scottish thing going too: it's a bizarre Pseudo-Scottish dystopia based around *ahem* chemistry. The first story's called "Indelible Moira"

At 7:31 pm, Blogger Robert said...

super-congratulations, Kek!!!!

The Journal of Experimental Fiction is the shit!

ive always wanted to submit some stuff to them, but so little of my material is "fiction"

At 8:17 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

Cheers, Rob. Do it, man - just do it.

Your recent piece on Discharge was The Bomb.


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