Friday, October 10, 2008


This one comes with a minimal soundtrack. An aircraft flies overhead, a pair of cyclists pass by, followed by a mum and a young child: their motion translated into sound. Am I alone in seeing a sad-looking simulacrum of a cow's (or horse's) head in there somewhere? Weirdly, it gets more interesting with repeated viewings - Eno reported a similar effect some years ago when listening to recordings of random street-sound - perhaps the human brain starts mining for more detail when confronted by repetative visual/audio loops...this way, it keeps itself more active and alert when faced with potentially 'boring' sensory input. Might this not have been an evolutionary advantage for our fore-fathers in helping them detect predators/attackers...? Or maybe it's just an artifact of some internal self-regulatory data-shuffling mechanism. But I digress...

The rules for these, such as they are, are Sub-Dogme:

1) The scene must be 'stumbled upon'.
2) It must adhere to the pre-chosen theme.
3) Shot first-take or forget it.
4) Lowest res footage available.
5) No longer than half-an-hour spent on conversion, post-production, uploading or forget it.

The last one is necessitated by lack of time on my part, rather than dogma.

"Post-production" - lol - get over yerself, boy!

Actually, I'm aching to do something 'properly' on 8mm Analogue with a 'decent' soundtrack, then hosted n loaded onto a bespoke 'designed' framework, outside of MySpace/YouTube MurGoogle Continuum... but it just ain't gonna happen right now. No time; and no inclination neither, beyond merely considering it. Besides, I like restrictions, narrowed parameters, tiny windows and corridors of opportunity. Minute acts squeezed in around the margins of something else. I hate fucking codecs tho. I wonder if whole generations will grow up now thinking that all moving-images should look this way, with photoshopped backgrounds that literally swarm and seethe with algorhythmic micro-whorls...?

I'm treadin'.


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