Thursday, September 11, 2008


The latest Kek's Wyrd World - er, I mean Lol's Lysergyc World - swivels into view.

This time I'm focusing in on the fabulous Portuguese band Gala Drop, whose incoming debut album has been giving me a massive amount of pleasure over the last week or so. It really is wonderful.

A spacious fusion of Kraut, Dub, African-flavoured percussion, Tropicalia, Exotica, early 80s NY stalwarts like Arthur Russell/Liquid Liquid, etc that doesn't sound like some sort of Hipster car-crash! How is that possible?

Go'n have a couple listens and soak it up. The band are trying to sort out some distro deal at the moment. But if you like their stuff I'm sure you can buy copies of the album directly off them.

They're touring Europe during Sept/Oct (tho sadly not the UK) - I recommend you go see them live.


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