Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Oooh-la-la: very nearly there now.

Land in sight, tho I can hear the old ship creaking ominously beneath me. Timbers bowing. Water slurrrshing against the hull. She's lasted well, this one, but lately she's started making some odd noises that have been puzzling me. I think she's trying to tell me something...something that I've not wanted to hear.

Just a couple more short info-blurts - a couple more deck-chairs to rearrange - and I'm outta here. Not much more to say - well, there's lots n lots, actually - too much to say! - The 10cc Project generated reeeeeams of notes, enuff for a really good chapter of a book or a Big Essay on Tha Cee, but this is neither the Time nor the Place. I'd like to write one of those 33 and 1/3rd books on "The Original Soundtrack"; in fact, I pitched one or some (I forget) ideas a year or so back, but no joy. Maybe I'll try again.

Tha OST: It's their masterpiece (or that's the consensual opinion, and since when did I ever...), tho the other albums have sooo much to recommend them.

There's just *four* more things I wanted to say. (I'm forcing myself to stop at four; it's an arbritrary break-point, to be honest. There's a zillion things I want to say. But I'm not sure if I even want to talk any more. And not just about 10cc.)

The first thing is about the voices on "I'm Not In Love"...those swirling, cremey voices: organic and analoguey, but don't they sound so much like a Fairlight (tho that was later, so much later...)? It's the decay. And the way they punch them in and out of the desk: they sound like samples. That whole track sounds like a template for The Art of Noise (and not just "Moments in Love"), a sign-post to the future. And of course Lol ended up at SARM working with Mr. Horn, my favourite Prog-Pop producer, and even formed a 'band' together.

I like Lol's hair. It's Wurzelly. It gives me hope.

Personally, I think this is their masterpiece:

Beautiful song; beautiful film. It feels like it's beamed in from another world - a better world, maybe.

And the other thing...?

Oh, I think you already know.


At 8:26 am, Blogger ryan manning said...

the next night we ate whale

At 2:20 pm, Blogger Tim Footman said...

Blogging equivalent of a tribute act.


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