Thursday, September 11, 2008


Following up from the post below...I'm thinking that Andrew Gold (Gouldman's partner in Wax) was probably a beard substitute - an ersatz Godley. With G & C's departure from Tha Cee, there was a beard deficit w/in the group. A Beard Vacuum, as it were.

I believe that teaming up with Gold was an attempt to bring a beard back into the song-writing equation; to summon up the special song-writing magic again. And for a while it worked!

I wonder if there's a bread-related algorhythm that can be used to measure song-writing success?

I always assumed Andrew Gold was Jewish. Here's what he says on the topic: "Many people think I'm Jewish, but I'm not, at least not by the official standard (Mom's not, Dad's only part on his Dad’s side...and he was raised Lutheran AND VERY lapsed.)"

Sounds like he's about 1/32nd Jewish, whereas I'm about 1/64th. I'd like to up my personal Jewish Quotient. It strikes me that's the way to go. That and a beard.

I may have to adopt some older False Relatives.


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