Monday, September 15, 2008


Thanks to everyone who participated in this - there's some lovely posts n I'm feeling all sorts of different vibes from all over the place (physically and metaphorically!)...people comin' together over 10cc.

Perhaps I should've phrased that differently.

Still, I've had a lot of fun with all these peripheral 10cc postings - it's been cool exploring my own Inner Jewishness, along with fatherhood, beards, falsettos, etc...

Once in awhile I like to remix the Kid Shirt blog, change identity and throw things up in the air a bit. Last year, we metamorphosised into Kid Moth for a week of so:

And the year before that, we became Kid Squid, inspired by a John Eden post about a huge Giant Squid that was washed up somewhere or other. Cue: Cthulhu references, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, etc.

This time the remix has leaked into other areas of my life. You might not be feeling the magic, but I certainly am. This'll sound fucking pretentious, but the linked posts have formed the basis of some kind of meta-fictional well as leaking into my own prose-fiction writing. I've already completed a short story which is a sort of Arabic refit of Lovecraft that's based around the 10cc song "Donna". Meanwhile, Godley & Creme are indirectly helping me mold a larger piece of Faux-Jewish Pop Sci-Fi fiction set in a mythical Future-1980s. I also channelled 10cc for an insy bit of a new Ice Bird Spiral track. See, I couldn't've done it without ya.

I have this restless need to reinvent not only the blog, but also myself from time to time (wh/ speaks acres about myself, probably) the end of The 10cc Project will also mark some changes in both my personal and *ahem* 'artistic' life. Yes, I know how knobbish (knebbish?) that sounds. But thanks for all your unintentional input. You've helped make a difference, even tho you don't realise it.

About Magic:

Well, any sort of Art or creative endeavour is basically a form of Magic, in that it summons Something out of (seemingly) Nuffink. So when I talk about Magic, it's usually a metaphor for Making Something Happen. It doesn't necessarily involve the usual classic magical paraphernalia; these days the Internet is the most powerful 'Occult' Weapon going, if only for its ability to link people n knowledge in unexpected ways. A blank Microsoft Word document and a particular state of mind is as much of a 'Spell' as anything found in a 15th c grimoire. A Summoning or a Working is just another word for pulling something out of yr subconsciousness and doing something or other with it.

My own particular brand of 'Magic' is extremely Arbitrary and deliberately so. I like Arbitrariness. But you know when it's working because you start seeing 'signs' (ie the pattern-recognition part of yr brain spots certain connections, so you use those as clues to home in on what it is you desire or want to do.). The Wigan Casino picture on one of the 10cc posts is a prime example of that. Another weird instance was reading the mast of Rockmother's blog ("A Hazy Day Today") at the exact moment that the words "Hazy Days" came from a 10cc song playing on my stereo. Gahhhh: headfuck! 'Course, it's all pretty meaningless really, but also oh-so-ever-so significant and personally poignant at the same time. In the last few days I've figured out *why* I went off 10cc around the time of "I'm Not in Love" and the real reason I had (until a few days ago) a major aversion to the music of Billy Cobham.

See, you lot have saved me, oooooh, at least a tenner in therapy sessions. Cheers!

I liked Betty's idea that this project could somehow make Sarah Palin explode. This strikes me as a noble endeavour. However, even if our blog posts could somehow alter the laws of physics and make her ignite, then there'll just be another greedhead appearing to take her place a couple hours later. They don't even need to groom 'em any more. It's like a conveyer-belt of Little Monsters who are happy to tell you exactly what you want to hear. Fuck 'em, I say. Let's do our own thing; build our own web of connections n ideas - a Second Life in the Analogue World, one that spins past all the credit-crunches and games-consoles and Zutons CDs and False Gazprom Wars crap that make up The Consensual Lie.

10cc - now they were a band, dammit.

Here goes. In no particular order (if I've missed anyone out, please tell me - I'm suffering from Mental Disjectia, whatever that is):

Here's Phil T from Australia:

rubber bullets
art for art's sake
the sacro-illiac
i'm not in love
the dean and i
the worst band in the world
the secound sitting for the last supper
life is a minestrone
nuit a paris

Phil says: "They were ubiquitous in oz mid-late 70s. "Rubber Bullets" still has it all, as does "AFAS" and "I'm Not in Love"."

Meanwhile, Mike from Troubled Diva weighs in with his faves (he emailed and posted his):

1. The Dean And I. Why, its scope is positively cinematic.

2. I'm Mandy, Fly Me. Especially the bit where the acoustic guitar comes in, and then it all builds up and up and... ohh.

3. Life Is A Minestrone. Fab 208 under the bedclothes, yadda yadda.

4. Donna. My sister and I thought they were funny on TopDiPop.

5. The Wall Street Shuffle. "Dow Jones ain't got time for the bums." A searing critique.

6. Rubber Bullets. You can't beat that glam-rock chunka-chunka-chunka beat.

7. Art For Art's Sake. We bought this for a party. Not a dancefloor anthem (that was "You Sexy Thing", obv).

8. I'm Not In Love. "It's just a w@nking phase I'm going through", we sang at school. What wags we were.

9. The Things We Do For Love. I'm starting to struggle a bit here.

10,000. Dreadlock Holiday. The "Safe European Home" that it's not cool to like.

And here's one from Robert Swipe:

In no particular order -

1. Donna

2. Old Wild Men

3. One night in Paris

4. Rubber Bullets

5. Don't hang up

6. I'm Mandy fly me

7. Art for Art's sake

8. Wall Street Shuffle

9. I'm not in Love (apart from the awful "big boys don't cwy" bit, obviously. It really is Music For Aiports" for FM radio, otherwise...)

10. Things we do for love (I love the schmaltzy Gouldman stuff...)

Robert adds: "I'm not that huge fan of the 10ers Loz, but I must say theirs were some of the best vinyl records made, imho. There were audiophile, half speed pressings of some of the albums too, I believe, but even the bog standard original pressings of '10cc' and 'Sheet Music' are lovely thick slabs of platter and still sound super to these ears. The former especially, on (was it?) Jonathan King's UK Records is worth playing to anyone who doesn't believe that a properly pressed and well cared for piece of vinyl will knock the socks off all but the best digital remasterings. The sleeves were a bit pooh though, weren't they?"

Well, I kinda like those Hipgnosis sleeves...more after the fact, really. I thought they were a bit pants at the time, but now they have a visual wit that is missing from the generically *tasteful* photoshopped straight outta design-college look that blights most mainstream CD (and book) covers these days. (You just knew I was gonna say that, didn'tcha?)

I like Rockmother's comment about separated-at-birth similarities betwn Howard Jacobson and Kevin Godley. And for the info that Kev is colour-blind.

Murph says he's still working on a Top Ten.

Oh, and here's a cool *brrrrrrap* Ten Post from Mr. Farty Cheers!

And a Progtastic one here from the Brom Man. By coincidence, I first heard The Cee's "Hotel" on The Alan Freeman Show. But I suspect a lot of us were tuning into Fluff back in the day.

Me Essex-bound pal Doppelganger did what I thought was a pretty witty take on the whole Ten theme, but seems to have had second thoughts n taken it down. Shame.

Oh, and here's one from Donnnnn:

"Oooh la la!
Is it OK if I just drop mine off right here?

I'm Mandy Fly Me
Art For Art Sake
Reds In My Bed
I Wanna Rule The World
Wall Street Shuffle
I'm Not In Love
Life Is A Minestrone
Oh Effendi

The things we do for blogs-ah-ah."

And a big hello to Geoff! Hello, Geoff. Here's his Top Ten. Nice one!

Shane Richmond came up with a cool and novel idea of doing a sort of 10cc orbiting Circle of Facts, which I really dug.

Yo, Gordie from Hot Vimto! This is a nice post with a nice vibe...with lyrics and a piccie of The Wigan casino (~?)

Super-dooper Mega-post here from Our Betty. Full of humourous, self-(d)effacing insight, as ever. Geoff's spotting of a Kevin Godley sign at the airport was the first eruption of a bit of micro-magic.

And another woppin' gert post from Farmer Glitch, complete with YouTube footage n mp3s of Tha Gizmo in action. Love it. Cool, man, cool!

And even Dom gets in on the action (I think sometimes he just gets bored!). Then follows up with Graham Gouldman's music from "Sunburn". Only Dom could get an ex-member of Charlie's Angels into the theme. Good work, sonner.

Kudos to Dr. Gracey - Yeovil's biggest Cee-Cee Fan - who gave me his Top-Ten on a spreadsheet. He explained that he had listed as many tracks he could think of, then assigned weights to different attributes and toted up the scores to get his Top ten. Now that's dedication! (But a pig to import into a blog and still retain the tidy layout that he created! Still, I might print it out and have it framed.)

He says: "After a very scientific analysis of the tracks on the first four albums, I attach my 10CC Top Ten. I'm a bit surprised by it myself, but it appears to be genuine.It's certainly not avant garde or aggressive or butch..."

1 I'm Not in Love Stewart, Gouldman 6:06 The OST
2 Une Nuit A Paris Godley, Creme 8:40 The OST
3 Art For Art’s Sake Stewart, Gouldman 5:59 How Dare You!
4 Brand New Day Godley, Creme 4:04 The OST
5 Blackmail Gouldman, Stewart 4:28 The OST
6 Flying Junk Gouldman, Stewart 4:10 The OST
7 Rubber Bullets Godley, Creme, Gouldman 5:15 10CC
8 Oh Effendi Stewart, Godley 2:49 Sheet Music
9 The Second Sitting for the Last Supper Stewart, Creme, Gouldman, Godley 4:25 The OST
10 The Wall Street Shuffle Stewart, Gouldman 3:54 Sheet Music

Back to being Kid Shirt again soon. But diffently, I hope.


At 6:49 am, Blogger farmer glitch said...

Just managed to grab a good of Consequences 2 CD 1991 release - a copy on the way to your pad if you do not already have it - needless to say it is bloody brilliant...!! Can't believe I have never listened to the whole thing before !!

At 7:16 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

Yes, please, man. Someone briefly loaned me the 1 x CD "Music from..." set...but I'd like to hear the full bull. I wanna get the triple-vinyl box for sure.

I titally recommend "L" and "Freeze Frame" - they've both got some great tracks on them. It's weird cos G&C fell outside the Hipster Continuum, but there's some great early synthpop and Mutant Disco style NY funk in their back catalogue that they never got the credit for. If you listen to the 2nd half of "The Party" it could be something off a Ze Records comp. It's so on the number that it could almost be LCD Soundsystem. yet the guys never register on anyone's radar cos they were declared officially dead by punk pundits. That's why we never checked this out back in the day.

At 7:40 pm, Blogger Dominic Zero said...

Nice work putting all that saw through my feeble 10cc disguise, it was all about Farrah for me. In my defence she does wear a lush cut back wet suit in 'Sunburn'.

At 6:49 pm, Blogger farmer glitch said...

For sure - our absorption in all thing punk-ola did indeed mask things such as the 'triple-lp-concept-thang' - that Consequences though is one hell of a lush recorded thing. Zoe drove back in the dark the other night alone - unknowingly listening to it inside the glitch-mobile - scared her half to death so she says - got some truly cool dynamics on it - nice to hear something so carefully produced - that has escaped thee ears for over 30 years ...

Your copy is in the car waiting for me to pop it off sometime real soon .. ( fancy a pint of G-N-T sometime soon ??) ,...

At 3:33 pm, Blogger El Duderino said...

Can I just say that I've had 'Life Is A Minestrone' going through my head in a continuous loop for the last week, thanks to the viral influence of your blog. Thanks for that.


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