Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Just in from Georgie C:

Passing clouds barbeque, Coyote café, Smoky tentacles shisha bar, Hammer and tongue poetry, Large-scale team games, Mud beach , Trinketry forest, enchanting décor, Good vibes, Late summer silliness.

Mainstage programmed by Wormfood with One Taste and Yes Boss. Dance Dome curated by London's DOTS, Man Make Music, Honey Weasel, Manchester's Phush+Nomad Radio, E.Anglia's Uptight. Acoustic acts in Antic Study.

Lineup includes…

Friday: Beardyman, Blackberry Wood, Planetman, Beatroot, Illaman, Sicknote, Hijak, Cluekid, Unlikely, Boomnoise, Dokkebi Q, Octopussy, Ch!co

Saturday: Joe Driscoll, Jamie Woon, The Hat, Excentral Tempest, Pirate Soundsystem, Death Ray Trebuchey, Brothers Bab, Tony Poland (Slutty Fringe), Man Make Music Djs, Bridgewater Reggae Soundsystem, Zej, Dr.Syntax, Captive State, Magic Lantern

Sunday: Gypsydelica, The Worm, Delegators, Lazy Habits, Sion Live, Jtreole, Common Moral Cause, Honey Weasel, Teknoist, NAPT, The Doubtful Guest



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