Friday, July 18, 2008


Variety El Punko #2: Possibly, the Best Punk Compilation, evah. Courtesy of Senor Zero.

(Well, okay, this kinda thing's pretty subjective at the best of times.)

Still, Dom's opted for an approach that circumnavigates *most* of the obvious tracks, but also veers away from the willfully obscure, cos that's not his style.

This is great, actually, cos it plugs a few holes on my own vinyl collection that I've never got round to filling. My own tastes and attitude have been vehemently anti-Punk in the last 6 or 7 years, but this has won me back over to an era that predates the Post-Punk thing (and to be perfectly honest I'm sick of the whole on-going Post-Punk revival...if I hear one more bunch of fucking GO4 wannabes...grrrr....) epoch when everything was up for grabs.

Dom's selection dives head-first into the more 'melodic' end of early Punk, cos that's what we grew up on dn here in the dank woods of South predates the more politicised Anarcho-Hippy post-Mob stuff favoured by John Eden and *mostly* avoids the shouty 3rd division Near-Oi stuff so beloved of Martin - tho that's not to say there isn't some rowdy stuff on here. But it's all about the songs, innit.

There's at least one song here that could potentially end in a law-suit against a very famous contemporary band (Wire sued Elastica for less) if the originators weren't probably living in Basingstoke or somewhere with no interest in music any more...still, having said that, some of these songs gleefully pilfer riffs from Status Quo, Alice Cooper and The Kinks. After all, that's how music works, ain't it...the poor steal from the rich, on and on, for ever and ever, amen.

Lovely, crackly 7-inchers with the occasional skip: it's perfect juke-box fodder. Anyway, I've been playing this all week...of course, it's mostly nostalgia, but there's a handful of tracks that still sound great because they're beautifully, intuitively and innovatively wrong in some way...

My only quibble - and it's totally minor and churlish given that this is The Best Punk Comp. Ever, etc - is that The Dead Kennedys don't sit too well with the other tunes, wot with them being Yanks and all that, whereas something like "No Russians in Russia" by Radio Stars (which I don't own) would've fitted like a glove.

No, I'm not gonna list all them tunes - go and make yr own comp. On a tape! Actually, I'd really like to personally respond w/ Variety El Punko #3 at some point, but I'm knee-deep in a future podcast of my own right now and any spare time is virtually non-existant. Ah, but one day...

Given his recent remarks in my comments-box, Doppelganger really needs to own a copy of this. It's fresh as fuck.


At 7:00 pm, Blogger Dominic Zero said...

Up Against The Wall! Yeah!
Glad you like it, had a lot of fun making it up. Some of those tunes just blow me away even now.
And I cvouldn't agree with you more about the whole Post Punk lacks any, well, punkness.
Strangely enough, I almost didn't put California Uber Alles on there, cause I thought it was a bit too 2nd wave (as well as The Angelic Upstarts), but I reckon some of my 7 inchers have gone missing in one of our many moves.
And mooore strangely, I was digging & digging for that very song by The Radio Stars but as yet it hasn't turned up.
Just weird.
Anyway, as I'm now working on my Terror Fish LP 'The Trial Of Tracey Carter', Variety El Punko #3 won't happen for a while.

At 7:56 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

Yeah, it's a great comp. - I've been playing the CD to death all week!

I saw Radio Stars play in Yeovil, bizarrely enough; they were great.


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