Thursday, July 17, 2008


Really diggin' this track from Russian (?) producer Kontext (aka Stanislav Sevostyanikhin) , wh/ is due to drop soon-ish on Bristol-based label Immerse.

"Plumes" is liquid Machine-Age Funk: deep Post-Detroit smooothnessss powered by tiny, ticcing nano-engines. An oily, streamlined flashback to 1st-gen Modernist beats: panther-lean and nocturnal, a silver faux-futuristic Mercedes cruising the halogen-lit, 6-lane memebahn of Urban Bass music... ominous wisps of grey steam spiral skywards from chrome chimneystacks, while building-sized LCD-infoverts upload glimpses of naked skin flashframed with metallic retro-logos and produkt sublims...

Relax and sink back into your leatherette pod-seat: we're heading into the city...


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