Wednesday, July 23, 2008


"...'Ere, that Kek bloke does he still write about music or has he completely disappeared up his own arse in vrrrt of spectral moonshine song of Ill-Signed Kentucky NASA scientists discover new Hot Jupiter exo-world of approx. nine Earth-masses in 104 Piscium-B system moonage daydream master-tapes of unreleased 3rd Mick Ronson solo album..."

Urrmmrl...whassat? Sorry, must've nodded off for a minute there...dreamt I was an insect who dreamt he was James Joyce writing up my own thought-patterns. *stretches and climbs off the sofa*

Away, big congrats to Burial for getting nominated for a Mercury Prize. I bet he's really pissed off about that.

My wife reminded me today: "Bloody hell, you said that was going to happen last september..." And so I did, but it was just a random comment and I never blogged about it, so now I just look like I'm being a smartarse-after-the-fact...

Still, this partial colonisation of his music by the mainstream ("coffee-tablisation") presents B with all sorts of interesting career dilemmas: as flattering as the nomination is, I'm sure it was never particularly high on his, uh, life-list. He's just not a status-driven person. Wonder if he'll drop the Burial moniker completely now and burrow in deeper, or just bugger off and make a quiet (but well-paid) back-room living from doing film 'atmospherics' and games-soundtracks. I don't think he's exactly short on offers.

Plus, what on Earth would he wear to the awards even if he did go: a shadow? A blur? A crime-scene chalk outline? A light-saturated polaroid of a boarded-up kebab-house in New Cross?

El-B's snare-sound?

Anyway, all o'this makes Martin Blackdown's recent words even more bloody poignant:

"When it comes to music, especially Dubstep, I absolutely, 100% do not fucking want anyone who’s anyone right now to do any more fucking compromising. Now, of all times in Dubstep, please could everyone just not compromise, whatsoever, about anything? Burial, Kode, Mala, Shackleton, Martyn, Zomby, Joker, Sully, Guido, Darkstar, Ikonika, Appleblim, Quest, Starkey, TRG: could you all please just do you, to the max."

Amen to that.


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