Monday, July 07, 2008


In honour of TMD...this is defined as:

"The unwitting intrusion of the author's physical surroundings, or the author's own mental state, into the text of the story. Authors who smoke or drink while writing often drown or choke their characters with an endless supply of booze and cigs. In subtler forms of Dischism, the characters complain of their confusion and indecision -- when this is actually the author's condition at the moment of writing, not theirs within the story."

Here's another one, known as Signal from Fred, wh/ is catagorised as:

"A comic form of Dischism in which the author's subconscious, alarmed by the poor quality of the work, makes unwitting critical comments: "This doesn't make sense." "This is really boring." "This sounds like a bad movie." (Attr. Damon Knight)

Jeez: I've done both of those in the last couple version of a 'Fred' described someone's uber-violent death as resembling "a bad special effect." lol - some kinda subliminal auto-critique thang going on there.


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