Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Just got a new Podcast finished n ready for Droid and the Blogariddims cru...this should be going out in early Aug, along with a nice meaty post on the music: more info on this fairly soon.

Doppelganger's just ahead of me in the queue: his 'cast - Episode #46 - is going out next week, I think - so keep yr eyes peeled for that!

Then rumour has it that blogging legend Mighty Matt Woebot returns to the fray for the 'cast following the Bloggariddims series snowballs to a senses-shattering conclusion with Episode 50.

Meanwhile, you can slake yr summer thirst on a new mix by DJ Müsta Kirahvi (who might or might not be, er, 'related' to a particular Finnish aquaintance of mine)...

DJ Müsta Kirahvi
"Müsta Kesä 3008 Megamix" (28:52 min)

-Chuck Norris
-Black Devil
-Goat Dance
-Jorma Kalenius
-Dave Powell
-Link Wray
-Panjabi MC
-Loudon Wainwright III
-Depeche Mode
-James Cotton
-Vesa Enne

Download it here.


At 9:31 am, Blogger Gutter said...

about bloody time you did a bloggariddim - just in the nick of time!


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