Saturday, June 21, 2008


Great to see flying saucers making a come-back on the front page of yesterday's Sun. I'm hoping, no praying, that this might turn into a full-on UFO flap:

The full story can be found here, on (ulp!) page 3 (click to engorge):

Am I the only one who finds the MOD's statement just ever so slightly threatening? - "It is certainly not advisable for police helicopters to go chasing what they think are UFOs." Brrrrrr. Or maybe I'm just being paranoid. It has been known.

Interesting that the encounter took place near a military base (don't they all!); one reading of this might be that the cops got buzzed by an experimental Army drone, which really pissed them off, so they decided to get even (or while away the afternoon) by giving chase and then selling the story to a newswire service for beer money...or maybe it was Prince William rushing off to a mate's stag weekend in Hertfordshire in a top-secret magneto-craft....or maybe they really did encounter something from Zeta Reticuli or a secret Nazi base hidden for 65 years under the Antarctic ice. Stranger things have been known to happen. Usually at sea.

How considerate of the Sun to print a map of North Devon for smog-dwelling Londoners and white van-drivers who don't have a fucking clue where it is. Still, the fact that the Sun felt duty-bound to print an email address and invite readers to share their own experiences and camcorder footage is encouraging - hopefully, this will fuel a full-on UFO flap and provide us with oodles o'faked photos and footage of hurled saucepan lids and spinning paper-plates. Actually, Chris and I were going to do some bogus UFO photos when we lived dahn Eastland Road, but it was one of those projects that never quite got off the ground, if you forgive the pun. I'm thinking that Cloudboy and I ought to do some blurred, badly-faked UFO photos for our next album cover.

Still, the last word should probably go to leading UK UFOlogist "Dawn, 25, From Kent" who sums it all up far better than I ever could:

"People have been saying for years that they exist. You've got to admit, that if the police say so too, that's pretty convincing evidence."

Yes, but what's that poking out of Dawn's navel - evidence of some sort of weird ultraterestrial implant? One for the XXX-Files, methinks.


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