Saturday, June 21, 2008


And, speaking of UFOs, our Canadian pal Rob from Loveecstasycrime returns once more to the fray.

Welcome back, bruv!

And Rob's link to secret conspiratorial meetings in the US House of Representatives leads nicely into the whole FISA 'domestic spying bill' thingy that includes warrantless domestic phonetapping - is this the beginning of the end of the Fourth Amendment...? Or did that already go out the window years ago with "probable cause."

And here's how your guys voted.

And if it's any sort of consolation (it's not) we're getting the same sort of bullshit over here with the 42 days internment thing...former Sun editor and professional twat Kelvin MacKenzie seems to think that perhaps 420 days internment isn't unreasonable...

It's kinda scary that he might be standing as an MP just cos Rupert Murdoch (who's not even a Brit, but a sour-faced NY-dwelling Aus) and current Sun editor Rebekah Wade (wife of TV hardman Grant, I mean, Grant Mitchell) thought it might be, you know, a bit of a laugh when they were chatting at a dinner-party...and now Murdoch might be stumping up money to underwrite a pro-internment campaign. "It was The Sun wot won it."

I pity the poor folk of Haltemprice and Howden if they have MacKenzie and Davis to choose between.

Jeez - it's a wonder sometimes that the word 'Democracy' still has a Wikipedia entry.


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