Monday, May 19, 2008

Some PR gumpht, just in:

"FWD>> + RINSE returns to THE END for a night of DUBSTEP, GRIME, FUNKY AND BASSLINE.

US Producer MARTYN flies across the pond for a 2hr set. SKREAM & BENGA go back to back.

Curator of DUBSTEP ALLSTARS #6 – APPLEBLIM will be representing Bristol's take on Dubstep, while SIR SPYRO and hot new favourite SILENCER hold it down for Grime.

If you caught SUPA D’S RINSE04 OR just want to know what the fuss is about all this FUNKY music (that's FUNKY, not FUNKY HOUSE) then you'll want to check out GEENEUS, MA1 AND TRG...and finally, leaving no stone unturned PALEFACE saves you a journey to newcastle with an hour of BASSLINE. As with all FWD + RINSE DJ’s he's the real F@&!n+ deal!"

Paleface (some of these are fucking ancient tho' - sorry!):

There's a sort of rotating fairground-ride feel to the synths on "Paperbag" wh/ I like (along w/ paleface's occasional tendency to use a tinny, syncopated piano sound that's got a sort of Glam Rock feel to it - hard to explain what I actually mean there), and is the bpm-age being deliberately wound down at a couple points? ('course it is, fool! - Ed.) - gives everything a sense of stoned, naus-inducing vertig-oh!


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