Monday, May 05, 2008


Mayday, appropriately enough, sees the launch of fab new Net-label Classwar Karaoke...

With an inaugeral twelve-fingered fist of a release featuring (in alphabetical, non-hierarchical order): An L After I An N Before E, Comfy Rubbish, Dr Whom, Ice Bird Spiral, Igors Roomy Lab Coat, murmurists, One Minute Wanda, Prometheus, SIFIR, Tracy Lee Summers, Viscera(e), Zoologic...

Heroes of the revolution, one and all. Spread the word! - go tell your friends, family and loved ones that everything's gonna be okay....and tell the enemies of the people that we're comin' for 'em, the filthy fascist brain-dead fucks - lol!

There's a spanking new Ice Bird Spiral track floating in the midst of all this beauty and chaos, called "5 Black Yachts for Jean" - we hope you enjoy this, but more importantly we hope you support the label and the artists and, indeed, the whole endeavour by linking to the label, MySpace/Facebooking to it, talking about it in the pub, emailing any friends who might be interested, etc.

(Ice Bird Spiral: Cloudboy)

(Ice Bird Spiral: Kid Shirt)

Play the music, download it onto yr pretend-hippy-steve-jobs-players; cut n paste and copy and send it out into the cosmos...then go and sit down and have a think, and then create something yourselves.

There's some words about the various artists involved in the 'blog' section and some photos in the 'pics' section. Make yrselves at home and have a good nose around.

Classwar Karaoke is the bastard brain-child of Anthony aka Murmurists. I have much admiration for A as an artist/writer/musician, so it was very easy for me to say yes to this on a personal level...I like where he's coming from in making this a non-hierarchical/anarchodemocratic project; I love the name and the fact that this was launched on Mayday - it seems so perfectly appropriate.

As Anthony says: "It’s important to participate, to be active. And everyone needs a place. This netlabel is just one little place."

Roger that!


At 9:45 am, Blogger Gutter said...

hey man, don't forget i want you on my net-label, too!


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