Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cloudboy tells me there's a lovely write-up of the Ice Bird Spiral album on MYMWLY over on the Boa Melody Bar site where you can also purchase a copy if yr so inclined, and we certainly hope you are.

It says: ""Well nourished and toothless he stalks my dreams". So begins one of the tracks from an album which comes to you straight from the strand of nightmares. This is like a Burroughsian cut-up novel, except using sound pictures instead of words: The Westen Lands created freehand in audio! Voices, echoes, fuzzed out distortion, guitar, feedback, some rhythms, all the track titles written on an old brown card baggage label. Will you dare to listen alone?!"

Actually, the lyrics are "Mal -nourished and toothless..." and they're about this boy I knew when I was seven - he was my best friend for a year or two til he moved to Southampton...but he always looked really thin and ill, as if he was about to die, which constantly freaked me out - he seemed too thin to even stand up and he started every other word with the letter 'M'...his Granny lived upstairs and she always played Jim Reeves records on sundays and you'd hear this spooky music drifting out from this room that we were never allowed to go in...all I knew about Jim Reeves was that he was dead, yet new records by him were constantly coming out, so I thought these records were made by a dead person...she'd also play things like "Ghost Riders in the Sky" and that creepy thing that went "Looooooriiiie....rememmmmmmmbeeerrr meeeeee...!!!!": eeek: more records by dead people...*shudders*. Like I said: I had a fantastic childhood - I'm still dining off it.

See, this shit isn't random lol.

Big Dave did the vocals on that one - first take, sat in his car, lunchtime, in B&Q car-park. He's never even heard the track.


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