Sunday, May 18, 2008


Okay, so after much deliberation, the Classwar Karaoke netlabel-kollectiv have spruuuunng into action (actually, a few days ago, to be honest; but I've been uber-busy this week with a bunch of projekts, so apologies for not posting on this quicker...):

The 001-Survey various/artists album (wh/ includes a noo track by Ice Bird Spiral) is now available for full download (rather than in play-mode only) at Last.FM here.

There's also a *eeep* CK Facebook account here. Socialist Social-Networking, anyone? And also there will soon be something on the excellent Internet Archive Net, if all goes to plan. Please go check out/link to the label in its various forms - it's meant as a refuge for ill-fitting refusniks and outsiders - and if you are an artist/musician/writer, please hook-up and make yrself's all about making linkages/connections/collaborations...I understand that there will be forther surveys, possibly on a quarterly schedule - like a sort of musical anthology - so, if you're interested in contributing in some way, get in contact via one of the links about...CK is a horizontal, non-hierarchical network of like-minded individuals, not a rigid, vertical, patriarchal control-based organisation...I don't run it and have no say/control beyond just being one of a handful of contributors; it's intended, as I understand it, to be a node-point or launch-pad for collaboration and cooperation between dissparate artists, rather than a label in the trad sense of the word.

As Murmurists (who formulated the initial idea) says of CK: "Like any venture, there has to be a level of active engagement...To be clear, I'm just another contributor - as I said from the off. There's no central CK office. It is about all of us pulling together by pushing in different but complimentary directions, bringing it all together by sharing information. That's an economy; and that's what's needed. It's an economy based on a different idea from the mainstream, though: the name is meant literally.

What I don't want is to just repeat the same twelve-strong exercise every four months. It has to be meaningful and connected..."

Spot on. So help spread the word, folks, but also please do get involved if you're so inclined.

Over to you people.


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