Friday, May 09, 2008


This is what we do for laffs in the West Country:

Before we had the kids, Chris and I used to go banger racing on a regular basis; this is the first time we've been in is the best; you ain't lived 'til you been caravan-racing.

Got there slightly late, so missed the chain-race, which is where they chain cars of the same make together in groups of three and race 'em! When we arrived the Ministox were just kicking off, which are small stock-cars raced by 13, 14 and 15 year olds, incl. a pair of brothers, one of which had painted on his car: "Mum told me I mustn't crash into my brother" lol. One of the locals told us we should've been down a few weeks earlier - they were racing hearses!!

During the bangers I noticed there was a pack of four cars in team-colours, painted with themed-names: "Chips," "Fish," "Eggs" and "Mr. Kebab." LOL. Not to mention "Pikey," "Oggy," "Tank," "Brains" and a few others...

Everyone's a winnah, babeee!


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