Thursday, May 15, 2008


Big up my pal Robert from Toronto whose LoveEcstasyCrime blog was a total must-read for, like, forever and can be sadly explored in the RIP zone of my link-list, but I live in hope that, y'know, one day...

Rob's a fantastic Surrealist writer/poet/editor and he's a top bloke to boot - one day you're gonna be singing hymns to him while yr sat on top of the White House dressed as,' if you don't believe me, then check his luminous white-hot prose on Discharge...

Anyway, he just mailed me w/ the following:

"My first chapbook, "Every Exit Impossible To Imagine With Wings," is now available for 5 dollars through TrainWreck Press. You can order a copy online through the site below, but as of right now, payment can only be made via cheque or money-order..."

I recommend you check out this guy's stuff; he's On-The-One fer sure...please support him and grab a copy of this pronto - in a few years time when he's got a pile of big-league rad shit published I promise you'll be taking this chapbook off yr shelf and grinning and slapping yehself on the back for buying this waaaay ahead of the curve, yeah?

"Your flawed dress is the ass of logic, a crisp hydrogen frontier."


At 5:52 pm, Blogger Robert said...

aw geez, Kek, thanks so much

i dont know what to say...genuinely flattered :D


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