Wednesday, December 26, 2007

No carol singers this year, thank God. But we did play hide n seek in the graveyard.

And, yeah, I did actually watch "Black Christmas" last night. 'Cause I'm hardcore, me. That's Bob Clark's original 1974 version, not the recent remake abomination. If you've not seen it, then you really ought to - it's a fabulous film, totally underrated and, along with Carpenter's "Halloween" a direct ancestral form of the Stalk n Slash films that eventually became a cliched horror staple...this is lo-budget, but stylish; a sort of second cousin of early 70s giallo...low on gore, but high on atmosphere: everything is shot in muted browns and oranges; sour yellows and poisoned purples smeared with restless lights have never looked so ominous and uncheery. Margot Kidder is typecast as an hysterical, salacious drunk. The great John Saxon plays a world-weary homocide cop and that, surely, is a recommendation in itself.

This film oozes an atmosphere of creepy otherness that hints at some half-forgotten Ugly Spirit lurking in the dark heart of Winter (the true spirit of Christmas?)...and the murderer's multi-voiced MPD phone-calls still shit me up everytime I hear 'em. And that face at the window with the plastic bag over its head and the phone at the end that keeps ringing and ringing and ringing...


(Recycled Asda cocktail sausage packaging)