Thursday, December 20, 2007


Kinda scary, was Amanda Lear. Somehow ended up with Lee Hazelwood's voice. Not quite sure how that happened, but just go with it, huh? Psychedelic Euro-Disco from '78.

Here she is a few years earlier in a promo film for Bowie's seriously underrated version of "Sorrow" the break-dn bit: "With your long, blonde hair...I couldn't sleep last night. With your loooonng, blonnnde hair..." So much left unsaid. Kinda sends shivers dn yr spine, don't it, that line...? The promise...the expectation of sex, rather than the act itself. The way he phrases that bit, the cadence of his voice, reminds me what it was like to be a teen, rather than the song itself (wh/ came out when I was a teen) just sort of retro-transports me back into some sort of lush, sparkly post-pube hormonal fugue-state....

More lurid disco-cheese in the form of "Queen of Chinatown", with Amanda looking like a plastic-faced pre-op transsexual or Pete Murphy:

(Love those weird snakey blue/white lights in the background)

And here's "Black Holes" (from the LP "Never Trust a Pretty Face") complete with syn-toms, neon-tubes and a sort of low-rent "Supernature" the lyric "You're a singularity" LOL! And I dig the languid feel to this - sort've Quaalude Disco...'77 Coke Comedown Disco: dewired, floaty and half-asleep - is that an officially recognised genre, or did I just make that up?

(Sorry, but I could listen to this sort of stuff all night.)

There's another song of hers with a great John Foxx/Numan-esque title "I am a Photograph", but it's a bit crap... I was actually looking for something by one of Bowie's other protogees Dana Gillespie, but couldn't find any footage...her version of Bowie's "Andy Warhol" would have been cool. Still, there's always Lulu:

(Love that version! Some great, understated little Ronno guitar flourishes in the background. And Garson doing some deliberately out-of-key "Aladdin Sane" piano bits on the outro...?)

See? Bet you all feel proper Christmassy now!